From Hong Kong to Nashville to Savannah: What’s On-Trend This Fall?

If you know me, you know that I draw inspiration from many places, but a big source comes from my peers. As the weather cools down, I look to the people I go to class with, the people I get coffee with, friends from afar who I Facetime frequently with, to inspire my fashion. One of the best parts about going to an art school is the diverse style. I love seeing what my classmates wear to class and how they style certain pieces.

With that in mind, I’ve asked some of my peers to show me their fall fashion, with the hopes that y’all will gain inspiration for your own wardrobe. (P.S. thanks to the peeps who didn’t necessarily want to do this for me but felt obligated because you like hanging out with me. Love u.)


I’m sure you recognize my model best friend, Chloe, who has guest posted on ZL a couple of times (read about her styling tips here). Chloe is all the way across the world in Hong Kong right now, and let me tell you, from the looks of her Instagram, her fall fashion is KILLING the game. So naturally I had to ask her to send me one of her favorite fall looks. Chloe comments on how she loves the midi-length on this dress, making it a perfect transitional piece. She loves to dress this outfit up and down (sneakers during the day, heeled booties at night), and she adores this muted blue. Perfect for all seasons.

Chloe also informs me that she’s been having a moment with white accessories, and that she is definitely going to include “winter white” pieces in her wardrobe next year. We support your moment, Chloe. Get it girl.


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When asked to wear her favorite fall outfit, my good friend Addie chose to wear dark denim with a black tee, an orange neck scarf, a complimenting sweater, and nude booties. This outfit is pretty on-trend for Addie’s aesthetic, as she can always be found wearing a black tee with a neck scarf (she recently went to Target to buy her 10th black tee, a necessity in her wardrobe.) I love Addie’s style because it’s simple, chic, and comfortable. She goes to show that keeping it simple can be just as trendy as wearing designer frocks.


When Tayla sent me this outfit, she commented on how the colors in her outfit are some of her favorite. She loves to wear off-white in the fall, and feels as though Navy is a perfect transitional color from summer to fall. Wearing her dark denim, sweater-knit tank, vintage Guess jean jacket, and neutral shoes + bag, Tayla tells me that her outfit is perfect for fall weather, because jumping right into sweaters and boots would be too wintery, and too warm for the weather. Her choices in garments are perfect for the brisk air and sunshine that fall days bring.

I admire people who can wear vintage clothing, and Tayla definitely pulls off her vintage Guess jacket. Her style is a balance between edgy and effortless, with a hint of artistic flair. (Isn’t she SLAYING that red lip??)

Margaret and Olivia

These two sweet gals let me take their picture while walking back from an art market (sorry I’m annoying). Both girls coincidentally are wearing Margaret’s original designs! Olivia and Margaret have similar styles in that they enjoy comfortable pieces that are easy to live in. They can play around with fun colors and patterns, but at the end of the day, you’ll find them rocking neutral tones.

In the photos above, Margaret sports a black trouser with an ~original~ faded maroon tank, pulled together with a black loafer. Olivia is wearing an over-sized sweater under another Margaret design, along with a pop of color in her red kicks. Both ladies look effortless and cute, and I adore that they wear Margaret’s hand-made clothes. (Find out more about Margaret’s clothes here!)


fall fashion abby

One of Abby’s favorite fall pieces is this And Comfort dress in a burnt orange, perfect for the season. While chatting with Abby about her fall fashion, she tells me, “When styling a fall outfit, layering is important. Growing up in the South, I’m used to cold morning and hot afternoons in the fall, so layering allowed me to stay comfortable throughout the day. I’ve never been able to experience a true northern fall, so I’ve learned to experiment with fall fashion to allow it to work in the hot South.”

I adore Abby’s style. It’s feminine, artistic, colorful, experimental, and fun. Every time I see in her class I compliment her outfit and accessories. She’s a pro at styling herself, and encouraging women to find styles and fits that flatter their body type. Abby highlights on her Instagram the importance of loving your body for what it is, and finding garments that make you feel beautiful and confident. So often, we try to change our body to fit a certain “look”, feeling as though we won’t look good in fashion garments if we aren’t skinny and tall. Abby is beating that stereotype, and sending words of encouragement throughout her journey. Seriously, check her out.

McKay and Winn

fall fashion mckay and winn  These two lovely people are two of my close friends from Nashville who work at Draper James. I couldn’t help but ask them about their fall style. Turns out they are pretty similar! McKay commented on how obsessed she is with patterns, especially stripes. She’s sporting a Draper striped, navy, ruffled top with a Draper navy jacket, paired with her light wash denim and nude booties. Like Abby told us, layering is ideal in the fall, and being able to take a jacket or sweater off is important for transitional weather.

While describing his look, Winn says he’s “rocking a cap toe boot in dark chestnut because nothing says fall like a good boot. Complimenting dark denim washes are on trend this year with chambray making a huge comeback this summer, and carrying into the fall. And you can’t go wrong with a good stripe, after all, stripes are the new neutral.”

Damn, couldn’t have said it better myself.


fall fashion becca

And lastly, myself, sporting high-waisted mid-wash denim, a high-neck, mustard-yellow, floral embroidered top, and shoes that I stole from my mom in high school and never gave back (those babies are old). A couple things about this outfit: 1. I’m obsessed with anything floral, so naturally I loved the embroidered details. 2. I have always loved the mustard-yellow color, but for most of my life was blonde and looked terrible in it. Now that I’m brunette, I can wear this color and not get mega washed out. Woot woot!!

And of course, Warby Parker glasses, because who would I be without a pair?

After chatting about fall fashion with many different people this week, I found that the common thread is not a fashion trend, but a lifestyle. Everyone commented on how their specific style or outfit works for them, making them feel confident in who they are. They are all different and unique in their own way, and that’s the point.

The thing I love most about a personal style is that it can change. You don’t have to have the same look all the time, you can change it up. My style is always evolving, with my mood, setting, age, friend group, etc. Your personal style can be whatever you want it to be, whatever makes you feel bold, confident, and beautiful.

This fall, let’s choose to put clothes on our bodies that make us love ourselves, clothes that hug our bodies in the right way, clothes that compliment our coloring, clothes that make us feel our absolute best. Life’s too short to wear jeans that don’t fit. Find what works for you, and roll with it. Trust me, you deserve it.


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