Hello, friend! Looks like you’ve stumbled upon my blog/diary/outlet, welcome. This blog is used as a destination for all thriving twenty-somethings seeking purpose, just like me. Initially this blog was created to share personal stories, to share my experiences and struggles and awkwardness, with the hopes that my readers can relate. Don’t get me wrong, I still do that on ZL. But it’s become more than that. I want you to not only find peace that you’re not the only person going through certain things, or feeling a certain way,  but be able to walk away gaining something. Whether that be style tips, creative inspiration, or how-to’s, I want you to leave ZL feeling ready to take on the world. You’ll find that every post I write has the goal of motivating, encouraging, and inspiring you (with the hope of making you laugh at silly, dumb, confusing, exciting things that happen in our life).

If you’re wondering who Zany Lady is, I’m a twenty-three-year-old art school graduate living in New York City with my pup Benji. I often feel beyond lost in this overwhelmingly gigantic world, and am trying my best to find my place and purpose, with the help of some amazing people and great stories along the way. I’m known to find the humor in almost everything. I love eating chocolate chip cookies. I love watching romantic comedies. I love wildflowers. I love dogs. (and yes, I do have a dog voice, and yes, it is scary.) I love relating to people. Knowing someone is feeling or going through something similar makes the world seem a little smaller.

So feel free to stay awhile, read some of my stories, read about some of my amazing peers, hopefully share a laugh or two, and know that there is someone out there just as confused and zany as you.

Enjoy this photo of me and my fur baby :’)

Benji & Becca