Quotes to Get You Through the Week

Happy Wednesday, y’all! If you’re like me, you’re in a season of constant movement, filled agendas, and a million to-dos. I think we could both us some inspirational quotes to get us through this busy week.


Have a shitty day yesterday? That’s fine, it’ll happen. But that doesn’t mean today can’t be amazing.


It’s so easy to go about our busy days grumbling and complaining, annoyed with everyone and everything. But today, and the rest of the week, let’s both choose happy over stressed/anxious/overwhelmed/annoyed.


Never stop exploring. Never stop asking questions. Never stop being curious about the wonder-filled and mysterious world we live in.


In the midst of your peers, of your friends, of people you pass in the street, be a light. Smile. Spread joy.


Raise your hand if you’re a victim of comparing yourself to others (raising my hand from my desk). Let’s let ourselves be inspired by others, not intimidated. Don’t let comparison rob your joy, let it inspire you to do wonderful and beautiful things.


Y’all, it’s okay to be messy, and afraid, and extremely complicated. But show up. Showing up is the first step to a wonderful and beautiful life.

What makes you feel alive? Your friends? Your job? A hobby? Cling to that.

This quote is my phone lock-screen. Remember that everyone you interact with, everyone you look at, or talk to, gets impacted. So let’s make those interactions beautiful.


Pursuing a career or a hobby can be absolutely terrifying, especially if you’re just starting out (AKA me and this blog). But we need to be fearless for what our souls are meant to do. Let’s not let fear get in the way of doing what we love.


This last quote is as simple as it gets, you can. You can get that internship. You can get that raise. You can get that promotion. You can rock that presentation. You can slay this week.

What are you waiting for?

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