Best Looks From the Met Gala 2019

It is the first Tuesday in May, which means the annual Met Gala has come and gone. Celebrities have graced the pink carpet with their best take on this year’s theme, Camp (and no, Camp does not entail Sophie shorts and white tee shirts). This year’s Met Gala theme is all about paying homage to the extravagant glitz and glam that was brought forth by the drag community, and must I say, guests brought their style A-game.

Here are my favorite looks from the event last night:

Lady Gaga

lady gaga looks

Lady Gaga was the first to arrive on the pink carpet last night around 5:30, and man, was she a tough act to follow up. Accompanied by her long-time friend and designer, Brandon Maxwell, Gaga began in a huge, hot pink parachute gown, lifted off the ground by her entourage of men (and woman) in sleek, black suits, carrying black umbrellas.

lady gaga pink A giant, pink bow rests on her bleach blonde bob haircut, complimenting her electric, extended, metallic eye lashes.

She proceeds up the Met steps, posing in front of the sea of paparazzi, her long, pink train sitting behind her.

lady gaga pose

She walks back down the steps, and begins to unfold the pink bow sitting on top of her head. She hands the bow to one of her dancers, while Brandon starts to unbutton Gaga’s dress. Revealed under the line of buttons is a full frontal zipper, revealing a completely new gown.

lady gaga black dress

Gaga unveils a sleek, black, asymmetrical gown, keeping one of the waist hoops from the previous look. She grabs an umbrella and strikes a pose.

Brandon Maxwell comes back out onto the carpet and starts to unzip another layer off Gaga, revealing a skin-tight, hot pink gown.

Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet Looks Gaga is handed over-sized, bedazzled sunglasses and an old-school cell phone, striking a pose with her new-found props.

The last look is unveiled in a dramatic unzip of her slim-fitting pink dress, revealing a sequined two piece with high-waist fish net stockings, and giant, black sequin platform boots. She is then accompanied by a hot pink wagon with the words “House of Gaga” painted in gold across the sides.

lady gaga black lady gaga last look   Lady Gaga nailed the theme, in my opinion. The drama, the performance, the multiple layers of glam, all scream camp. I expected nothing less than the queen of camp, and she did not disappoint.

Cara Delevingne

cara delevingne

A big part of the camp theme is being off-beat, loud, and demanding of attention with your fashion: Cara Delevingne embodied all of those things. With her outrageously zany headpiece filled with fruit, chatter teeth, eye balls, fingers and a sunny-side-up egg, neon striped body, and glitter rainbow platform heels, Cara did a wonderful job (in my opinion) of translating the theme into her pink carpet ensemble.

Nick and Priyanka

nick and priyanka Besides the fact that I’m lowkey obsessed with the reunited Jonas Brothers and all of their hot wives, I think Nick and Priyanka looked stunning on the carpet, and embodied the theme really well. I’m obsessed with Priyanka’s crown, I think it’s so fun and edgy and on-theme, as well as her killer eye makeup and multi-textured gown. She looks straight out of The Hunger Games, and that is definitely a compliment coming from this carpet. Nick is also sassy and campy in his white tux with his silver jewelry and chic highlighter.

Elle Fanning

elle fanning

Elle Fanning definitely slayed the carpet with her pop art, collaged necklace and charmed nails, which totally capture the camp theme. Not to mention she looks hella comfortable in her two piece and was probably dancing the night away.

Darren Criss

darren criss

A lot of the men who walked the pink carpet last night didn’t get too into the camp theme, but one who did and did it well is Darren Criss. His take on the theme is so glamorous and chic while still holding a masculine edge. I loved this look.

Emily Blunt

emily blunt People will argue with me on this one, but I think Emily Blunt looked so stunning and on-theme last night. I mean, come on, she is RADIATING in that gold leaf dress. I was truly blinded by her beauty through my computer screen.

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart

lili and cole

I really loved Cole and Lili’s look last night. Most of the time, the younger crowd (who might or might night be on a teenage drama show) usually take the safe road when it comes to Met Gala outfits, but this couple perfectly embraced the camp theme. I adore Lili’s take on Marie Antoinette style, with the bee-hive hair with flowers sticking out, intense pink blush, and royal pastel gown. I’m honestly obsessed with her makeup, wow. Also, Cole’s look is so fun, artistic, and might I say, subtly campy. Bravo, you two. Way to represent Riverdale well in the world of fashion.

Janelle Monae

janelle monae

Janelle Monae was a literal piece of art on the pink carpet, and if that’s not camp, I don’t know what is. I am absolutely loving this Piccaso-esc ensemble, with the pop of red and pink and the stacked hats. I think it’s so beautiful and interesting to look at and is capturing the theme in such an elegant, fun way. She looks like a high-fashion Mr. Potato Head, which is v camp. Also, props to her for holding that pose for so long.

Billy Porter

billy porter

I’m choosing to end this recap with one of my all-time favorite looks from this year: Billy Porter. Carried in on a throne by 6 perfectly sculpted shirtless men, Billy is drenched in gold, from his head, around his eyes, over his entire body, down to his golden shoes.

billy porter

Billy proceeds from his thrown to walk the stairs and dramatically flashes his golden embellished wings to the cameras. The drama of this performance and the amount of over-the-top detail in his ensemble makes his look so successful for the Met Gala 2019 theme.

Well, there you have it, some of my top favorite looks from last night. There were hundreds of amazing looks by a variety of mega-talented designers that you can spend hours scrolling through, but these are just some of the looks that stuck in my head the day after. I absolutely loved this year’s theme. I think a lot of the guests slayed their camp looks and had fun while doing it, which made it so fun for me to watch live (in my bed, eating pasta, while I should have been doing homework.)

How will they top the theme next year?

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