A Letter To All the Stressed Out Soon-To-Be College Graduates

The time has come, my stressed out, sleep-deprived, soon-to-be college grads. We are in the home run, cap-and-gown in sight, our future lingering on the horizon. Maybe you have a job lined up, maybe you’re going straight to grad school, maybe you, like me, get nauseous every time you think about the little time you have to find a job before you’re considered unemployed.

Our entire time at college (at least in my experience) has been grooming us for the future. We have been groomed to have the perfect interview answers, the perfect resume, the perfect portfolio, the perfect contacts, the perfect LinkedIn profile.

My time in college is winding down, with only a couple weeks left in this sweet spot of life, and how am I spending it? By having panic attacks in my car. By canceling plans because of my stress-induced nausea. By waking up every night in a sweat thinking about what will happen if I don’t land my dream job by the time May 31st comes around.

And you know how I feel about how I’m spending my last days in college? It’s complete bullsh*t. I have let my future control so much of my school years, from the time I started high school, all the way through college, I have let it dictate plans I make, people I see, hobbies I partake in, and now, 8 years later, I am letting in ruin my final days in a school I adore with people I may never see again. And that is bullsh*t.

Our finals days in college should not be controlled by fear or anxiety. It should be spent hanging out with dear friends. It should be spent eating at all the best restaurants in your city. It should be spent cherishing all of the moments that have collaged in the years spent discovering yourself, discovering who your truest friends are, discovering what you’re passionate about, discovering what makes you giddy with excitement and joy.

If I had to give any advice to soon-to-be college graduates (myself included), is chill the f out. You will find a job. You will pass that class. You will move to the right city. You will be exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to do. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Life will work itself out. No amount of anxiety about the future will make it any more clear, or make a job offer come any faster.

Take a breath!! Drink a margarita!! Call your friends and go out to eat!! Enjoy this phase of life while you still can, and cherish any and every moment you have. We all have the rest of our lives to stress about employment, there is no need to let it control this sweet time left in college.



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