Simple Pleasures to Get You Through a Crappy Week

Happy new week, everybody! Real talk: this past week was one of the longest/worst weeks I’ve had in a while. Starting with my car not starting/needing to get towed and ending with getting yelled at by a Dominos employee (I just wanted a damn lava cake), this week was not the best.

Something that I constantly have to remind myself is that even if I’m not having the best week, the best day, even if I don’t feel well, I still live a pretty darn good life. So as I sit in bed on a rainy day feeling beat down from a hard week, I’m also reflecting on all of the simple, maybe overlooked, delights that shine through the clouds of my week. I hope that my overlooked glimpses of sunshine will make you recognize the ones in your life too.

Spending time with a best friend.

I am so thankful for the few gals I can call best friends. One of them saved me from sitting in a car repair shop when my car broke down and brought me coffee and took me to Target to kill time. She sends me encouraging texts throughout a hard week. She is always understanding of any crazy emotions I am experiencing (hello, fellow enneagram 4!) She saves me a seat at church when I need an extra 10 minutes of sleep. She sends me funny Office memes.

Another best friend of mine lets me come over to her apartment whenever I want and play with her 4 month old french bulldog puppy (Stella is honestly a therapy dog at this point) and listens to me ramble on about all my problems. She blesses me with heart-to-heart conversations and bachelor nights (sometimes they are one-in-the-same).

My other best friend is always available to take care of me when I need rest and someone to be around. She is the type of friend that responds to an emotional text with “come over”, no questions asked, ready to love and care for me. This week in particular, she took me in and cooked for me and let me nap multiple times throughout the day because she knew that’s what I needed. She gives me the space I need while also being present. She binge watches my favorite Netflix shows with me. She makes me tea. She brings me a blanket to the couch because she knows I love blankets.

All of these ladies light up the worst of my weeks, always encouraging me, caring for me, giving me an equal amount of sass back (which is good for my soul), and loving me in the best ways.

Taking a hot shower.

Y’all, can we just talk about what an amazing feeling it is to get to just stand in a hot shower for a couple minutes? Damn, that’s a good feeling. Having that time to clear your head, and take a moment to yourself is so nice in the midst of a chaotic week. I have a lavender body wash that smells so so good, and in those moments, I take a deep breath, smell the lavender, and enjoy letting the warm water heat my body.

Buying supermarket flowers.

Flowers are a form of therapy for me, so buying some fresh blooms and putting them in my room really brighten a dull mood. Just being able to glance over at something lovely takes the stress of a day or situation away, even if it’s just for a moment.

Watching Taylor Swift’s Netflix special.

Okay, maybe this is me every week, no matter the mood, but man, is her reputation show amazing or what?? Big fan. Highly recommend, regardless of your current emotional state.

Text/call your mom.

I don’t know about you, but when I am feeling sad for any reason, my mom is the first person to encourage me. She always has words of wisdom, bible verses, and inspirational speeches ready to share. If you’re feeling down, odds are your mom has something to say about it. Pick up the phone and listen.

I’m sure there are more I could list, but these are the simple rays of light that stuck out to me in this particularly bad week. I always have to remind myself that a bad week doesn’t equal a bad life. Remember all of the beautiful, simple, life-giving things that you get to experience in your everyday, even in the midst of melancholy and stress. Be thankful for the things and the people that keep you afloat.



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