How to Take Control of Your Health While Also Career Networking

Happy New Year zany friends! Wow, this holiday season has FLOWN by. I can’t believe it’s already a new year.

I’ve been spending a couple weeks at home in Maryland for the last part of my break, which entails getting all of my doctor’s appointments taken care of. Today I went to my primary care physician for a wellness visit, and honestly, it was unexpectedly delightful (and beneficial for my career?)

Okay back story about my life: I grew up with terrible doctor anxiety. Like, curled up in a ball crying until the age of 17. It was horrible. Needless to say, I hated going, I hated even the thought of stepping foot into a doctor’s office. So for a while, I didn’t go at all. I was old enough to control my visits, and I chose for them to be non-existent.

It wasn’t until this past year that I have owned up to my fears, and worked to kick them in the ass. I’m a grown ass woman trying to take on the world, I should be able to go to the doctor’s without freaking the f out (this was quite a process that involved taking anxiety meds every time I went to the doctor’s, and making appointments once a month to normalize the environment that induced the anxiety. I’m finally at a place where I can go in my sober mind to the doctor’s.)

That being said, it was kind of a big deal that I went to the doctor’s and had such a fabulous time. Don’t get me wrong, the doctor’s suck. They stick needles in your arm and point lights up your nose. They make you sit on uncomfortable benches with tissue paper that is unnecessarily loud if any movement is made. They make you wait in silence for a decade and then make you jump when they break the silence with a  bang on the door.

I get it.

But listen. Today, as I just told you, I went in for a wellness appointment. I got there 25 minutes early (duh), and got to chat with the front desk lady. We talked about the business and the office dynamics, we talked about where I go to school and what career field I’m interested in. She was pretty low-key during our conversation, asking normal small talk questions. As I talked more about what I do in school and where I want to be after graduation, she looks at me and says, “I might have a connection for you”.

Now, call me rude, but when someone from my hometown says they have a connection regarding my budding fashion career, I don’t exactly jump with hope and anticipation. We live in a small town, not exactly a happening place around here, especially regarding the fashion scene. But this girly. She says, “have you ever heard of The Knot? It’s a bridal magazine based out of New York.”

Lol, yes, I know The Knot. It’s one of my dream companies to work for.

Well, turns out here daughter-in-law’s sister is the editor-and-chief of The Knot.

That’s not what I was expecting. Turns out she’s pretty close with this woman, and took my information/website portfolio to pass along. All while waiting for my name to be called at the doctor’s office. How wild is that? After this, my appointment was a breeze (other than passing out after I got blood drawn, but hey, happens to the best of us.)

A couple take-aways from this short & sweet story: You never know where you can and will network. I certainly didn’t think my career would benefit from chatting with the front desk lady in my doctor’s office, but it did (or will, hopefully). That being said, be kind to those around you. One of them may hook you up, but not if you’re a jerk to them.

Also, stay up-to-date with your doctor’s appointments. It sucks, but is apart of thriving as a girl boss. You never know, maybe you’ll be able to career network while you’re there.


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