5 Truths You Need to Hear Today

Let’s face it, as beautiful and magical as Fall can be, it also can bring stress. Students are nearing midterms, parents are trying to keep up with busy schedules, all of us are just trying to hold on for dear life.

So often we get caught up in the chaos of life that we can forget some pretty important truths about ourselves. We let our anxiety win, our insecurities scream in our faces, and our schedules run (dominate) our life. Today I’m inviting you to be still, just for a moment. Stop running around, stop stressing out, take a moment for yourself, and breathe. I hope these little truths help you realize how valuable you are in the midst of daily headaches.

You are enough.

I know for me, I’m always striving to do better, to be better. Whether that be in school, in relationships, at work, I always see ways to improve upon myself. There’s nothing wrong with striving for perfect, but y’all, it can be exhausting. Some days you just need to recognize where you are, and what you’ve accomplished is enough. Your worth isn’t measured in your accomplishments, or how far or near you are to your goals. You are enough, no matter where you go to school, no matter what job field you’re in, no matter how much money you make. Our worth is found in something much deeper than those goals and accomplishments.


You’re exactly where you need to be.

Dreaming and planning the future is a beautiful thing, but it can also leave us feeling bitter and unsettled in the place we are right now. Acknowledge all of the blessings you have where you are. As a senior in college, I love dreaming about where I’ll be and what I’ll do post graduation, but that doesn’t mean I can’t absolutely adore where I am now. I love my school, I love my classmates, I love my friends, I love my church community, I love the projects I get to work on. I love Savannah. Sometimes we can feel like we belong somewhere else, but trust me, where you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be. You might not see it right away, but you’ll notice it in time.


You are a masterpiece. 

For most of my life, I have never thought of myself as a work of art. I have developed the habit (as every human does) of picking out the things I don’t like about myself. I see my flaws, I see the imperfection, and I wish for change.

As an artist, I’m constantly creating. When you create something amazing, whether a poem, or a painting, or a collage, or a photograph, you feel a sense of pride and joy. You see that piece for everything it is, and you deem it good. In the same way, we were created, knitted together in our mother’s womb, designed in a particular way to have specific features, and guess what, it is a masterpiece. It is good. Every quirk, every stretch mark, every impurity makes up the masterpiece that is you.

You can stand in front of the mirror and critique the work of art that you are, but at end of the day, your creator labels you as the finest piece of art. A masterpiece. Good. I challenge you to see and hear that truth the next time your mind starts to tell you otherwise.


You are cherished.

We tend to forget how many people love and cherish us in their lives, because let’s face it, they’re just as stressed as we are and aren’t thinking about telling you. But let me tell you, your friends love you. They love spending time with you, they love sharing about their lives with you. They cherish your friendship.


You got this.

For those of you stressed, or anxious, or just worn out, I believe in you. This season will figure itself out, and stressing about it won’t make it go any faster. Remember that you are cherished, you’re a masterpiece, you’re exactly where you need to be, and you are enough. Be present today and the rest of the week, noticing all of the simple pleasures in the life you are living. Don’t let the beauty pass by with the hours you spend with a raised heartbeat and negative thoughts flying around in your mind.




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