5 Steps Toward a Healthy Daily Routine

With school back in session, I’ve noticed the importance of getting in a healthy routine. In college, your days look different everyday. You go to bed at different times, you wake up at different times, you have class at different times, you have different social events, different homework loads, different work schedules. Whatever your day looks like, having some sort of “routine” can actually bring a lot of peace to a crazy life schedule.

So, here of some steps I have taken myself to form a routine that I hope will be beneficial to all my college babies.

  1. Go to bed/wake up around the same time. 

The last 3 years I’ve been in college, my sleep schedules have been so off. One night I could go to bed at 9:30pm and the next 3:00am. Same goes with my wake up time. I’ve noticed this year that my body actually enjoys the routine of going to bed and waking up at around the same time every night and day. I wake up at 7:45am every morning, and let me tell you, it has been great.

Some of you are cringing right now with the thought of waking up that early, but hear me out. I have never been a morning person (ask anyone who has grown up with me, I used to be a MONSTER in the morning). But what I’ve found is that, when I am waking up for myself, aka I don’t have to wake up to rush somewhere, it feels different. It’s more of a tranquil wake up. I am allowed the time to process what I have going on that day, time to sip tea, find inspiration, go to the gym, make breakfast, and spend time actually getting ready for the day.

Which brings me to my next two points.

2. Find a skin care routine that you love.

If you need some inspiration on skin care, please please please read Juliana’s post from last week. It talks about overcoming skin insecurities and finding the right products that work with your skin type. (with lots of linked products to explore)

Having a skin care routine is new to me. I’ve never used more than one product on my face, let alone enjoyed the product. It’s always been, “well, I guess I’ll wash my face with this cleanser that smells terrible and claims to clear acne.” No. Enjoying a skincare routine, as mentioned by Jules, is so important. Find products that make your skin feel amazing, that you’re excited to use. Every morning and night I am excited to put my products on my face. It feels like a mini spa.

Find that. Make it apart of your daily routine.

3. Do something active.

Something I’ve been doing every morning is going to the gym. (GASP. BECCA AT THE GYM? EVERY MORNING?) I know, guys. It’s a wild life. Anything is possible.

But seriously, starting my day out getting my body moving and my blood pumping is a great way to wake up and prepare for the rest of the day. It’s a time just for you. Put on a killer playlist and spend time just being active. It’s crazy the positive impact it will have on the rest of your day.

4. Save time for breakfast.

Y’all know how important breakfast is to me, and it shocks me how many college peeps skip THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. Don’t do it. Chill. Scramble an egg. Eat a bowl of cereal. Make waffles. Don’t just run out the door with a juice box. Trust me, you’ll feel so much more energized during your morning class if you ate something, and aren’t focused on how hungry you are.

5. Stay positive.

At the end of the day, the fate of your day lies in your attitude. Are you going to wake up complaining about everything you have to get done, or are you going to choose to be joyful and positive?

Think about everything you are thankful for. Think about all of your amazing friends. Think about everything you get to do today. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Notice everything you love about yourself. A part of a daily routine is focusing your mind to where you want it to be. You have the power to have a great day. Choose to take it.


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