Meet Maddy: Breaking Stereotypes & Teaching Girls to Love Themselves

A big part of what I do on this blog is not only striving to inspire others from personal experiences, but finding other women who are mega inspirational and writing about them.

That’s why when I met up with an old friend for coffee, I just had to write about what she is doing.

Meet Maddy, a senior in college, studying Zoology. Her dream? To travel the world working with all types of animals. How freaking cool is that? I’ve never met anybody who studies Zoology. As she told me about the courses she takes and what she wants to do, I was intrigued.

Studying animals is not the only thing Maddy does with her time, though. Maddy is breaking model boundaries and stereotypes by working with several photographers and creating content for not only portfolio work, but online publications. I asked her a couple questions about her modeling:

Zany Lady: How long have you been modeling?

Maddy: Since December of last year. So, eight months?

ZL: What inspired you to start modeling?

Maddy: Probably self-love; I want to show girls that you don’t have to be a certain size to be a model.

Photo by Images by Sean K

ZL: How did you begin your modeling journey?

Maddy: It first started when I was getting pictures taken for my parents for a Christmas present. I posted some of the pictures online and photographers started reaching out, asking if I wanted to work with them.

ZL: What do you use your pictures for once they are taken? Do you keep them for yourself or do your photographers use them?

Maddy: Most of the pictures get used for both my photographer’s and my own portfolio. Some of the pictures have actually been published as content for online magazines, which is cool.

ZL: What is your favorite part of modeling?

Maddy: Hmm. That’s hard since there are so many fun things! I’d say getting my hair and makeup done, and being able to be creative. I get to collaborate with my photographers on the locations and poses, which is awesome.

Photo by Images by Sean K

ZL: How have people responded to your modeling?

Maddy: I’ve had some haters, but hey, everyone has them. My family supports me, my photographers support me, and at the end of the day, that’s enough for me.

ZL: What advise would you give to girls who think that they could never model?

Maddy: Just do it! There’s no “one” size, there’s no limitations. Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. I never thought I could model, and it happened.

Photo by Images by Sean K

ZL: How has modeling impacted your self-confidence?

Maddy: It has made me so much more confident! I feel like I can go do anything now. My confidence level has definitely gone up, especially since high school, and everything that happened then. It’s an amazing feeling to be comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Photo by Images by Sean K

Y’all, how inspired do you feel after reading this interview?! I know after talking with her, I was. I’m all about self-love, and doing what makes you feel beautiful and confident. If modeling is that thing, who’s gonna stop you? You don’t have to be a certain size, height, or have a certain “look”. Maddy is showing this first-hand. She discovered she loves to model and it makes her feel good about herself, so guess what she’s doing? She’s modeling! And KILLING it, might I add.

Photo by Images by Sean K

I thought sharing Maddy’s story would inspire women who think they “aren’t good enough” to model. If you don’t think you’re pretty enough, skinny enough, fashionable enough, you’re wrong. Like Maddy said, anybody can model. Even if the pictures are just for you, that’s okay! If it makes you feel like a million bucks, girl, you go model.

And if you’re afraid of what people might say or think, remember all of those people are wildly insecure about their own things. We all are. Do what works for you, do what you love, and forget about the rest.

You know I’ll be over here cheering you on.

To Maddy and all of the other girls doing what they love, despite what others might tell them, YOU GO GIRL. I admire you. I support you.

Keep living your best lives, zany babies.






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