5 Ways to Finish Spring Quarter Strong

All of my fellow college attendees are in the same boat as me. It’s starting to feel like summer outside, my work ethic is starting to fade, and all I want to do is go on vacation. But, we still have to worry about getting everything finished, including some intense finals.

How do we cope? How can I motivate myself to finish this school year off strong? Let’s brainstorm together.

Set goals for yourself.

Looking at everything you have to get done can be overwhelming, so set individual goals for yourself. Study for an hour. Work on your project until 10pm. Breaking down your work load into sections of goals will make the work go by faster, and make you feel more productive.

Make a list. 

I am an avid list-maker. With everything having to get done, it’s hard to keep track of all the details. That’s why I love lists. It lays out every task you need to get done, and feels mega satisfying checking them off.

Reward your hard work. 

After you accomplish a goal or check an item off your list, reward yourself. Don’t burn yourself out by never taking a break. Get dinner with a friend. Watch a movie on Netflix. Relax your mind in between getting all of your work done. This will also help you stay focused and motivated.

Keep things in perspective.

Something I tend to do during finals is making it a life-or-death situation. I honestly put so much pressure on myself and my finals that is makes me stressed and anxious. Newsflash for both of us: Finals are not the make-or-break of your entire life. It might feel like that, and it might hold some power over your academic career, but they are not big enough to trade your mental and emotional health in for. Work hard, put in your best effort, but also keep a healthy perspective on what finals really mean in your life.

Look forward to the sweet summertime.

Staying focused and motivated is great, but sometimes looking forward to your summer plans can be motivation in itself. You’re almost there! A couple more weeks of hard work and then off to soak in the sun. You can see the finish line, now push yourself to finish strong.

From one college gal dreaming of summer and no finals to the next, I wish you the best of luck with your finals. Let’s finish strong!


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