8 Ways to Spend Your Valentine’s Day as a Single 20-Something

Ladies, the day has come, the day of mixed emotions, eye rolls, binge eating chocolate, and wishing you had a special someone to share the day with. But in all honesty, I think treating Valentine’s Day like a memorial of your singleness is a little passé. Come on. It’s 2018, and you’re a girl boss. Are you really going to spend this day gloating and feeling sorry for yourself?

Let me help you out a bit with 10 alternate ways to spend your Vday.

  1. Buy your best gal pal flowers.

Instead of feeling sad for not receiving flowers from anybody, show your appreciation for your bff. Odds are, if she’s in the same boat as you, she’s feeling the same way you are. Watch her face light up with this simple gesture. Extra points if you include a cheesy old-school Valentine’s card to go with it.

2. Wear a sh*t ton of pink & red.

Honestly, this color combo is underrated and completely chic. Rock an assemble filled with your favorite rosy hues.

3. Call the people who matter the most to you.

A significant other can be more than just a hot date. Odds are, you have many significant others in your life. Maybe its your mom, or your sister, or your group of friends. Whoever it is, take this day to tell them you love them. Celebrate the people who are in your life, rather than harking on who is not.

4. Take in the view.

It’s a lovely thing seeing so many happy people on this day. Don’t look at them with greed or jealousy, but admire what they have. Be thankful that we live in a world that dedicate a whole day to love.

5. Make dinner reservations with your friend group.

Like I said, celebrating the love of a significant other is not limited to a boyfriend. Grab dinner with your favorite friends. Enjoy the stage of life you are in with your favorite people. If you’re in a crazy, exciting, evolving stage of life, unsure of where you will be or what you will be doing in the next year or two, enjoy it. Enjoy being stressed with your friends about the future. Enjoy laughing about all of the boys that’ve come and gone, for good or bad. Enjoy who your friends are and what your life is right now, in this moment.

6. See a fun (or sexy) movie with previously stated gal pals.

Listen, I’m not saying you have to see the new Fifty Shades movie, but I would highly recommend it. This will be the second year I’ve gotten a group of my favorite girls and seen Fifty Shades with them in the movie theater on Valentine’s Day. We all whisper and giggle during the steamy scenes, laughing when we shouldn’t, and enjoying each other’s company. It’s mega fun to end the day with.

If you’re not into the whole Fifty Shades thing, I heard The Post with Meryl Streep was a total #girlboss movie.

        7. Throw a Galentine’s Day party.

This technically is not on Valentine’s Day, but it’s a great idea to throw a Galentine’s party the week of Valentine’s Day. Get some of your friends or roommates together and plan a super fun, pink-filled, heart-covered, dessert-loving party, celebrating friendship. (See my previous post about Galentine’s.)

8. Look forward to buying discounted candy. 

If all else fails, you can look forward to the day after Valentine’s Day, in which all the candy will go on sale.

All tips aside, I want you, my lovely zany lady, to remember that you are loved & cherished. No lack of a significant other can take that away.



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