(Re)Defining Galentine’s

Last night was the second annual Galentine’s celebration I’ve hosted with my college roommates. We invited all of our closest gal pals, ate a ton of food, listened to fun female empowering music, and watched Legally Blonde (honestly, such a good movie. Let’s hear it for the fashion merchandising undergrads who have the capabilities to get into Harvard Law).

After throwing this Galentine’s party, I realized a lot of things, some I hadn’t thought about before.

For starters, I have some pretty amazing women in my life, women I can share with, laugh with, work hard with, dream with, and just live life with. If you know me personally, you know having a support group like these ladies has not always been present in my life. I’m so super thankful that each and every one of them is in my life.

Galentine’s Day often gets a reputation for, not only celebrating women, but trashing men. We joke around saying, “guys suck!” and  “no boys allowed!”, but why do those things have to be exclusive? I know just as well as the next girl that guys can be really terrible sometimes. They can treat you like crap and break your heart. And this might make you want to trash all of their kind, complain that men are terrible, and go on eating waffles.

But for as many scummy guys out there exist encouraging, strong, faithful men. Men like my father and brother. Men who support and encourage your dreams. Men who believe you can do whatever you put your mind to. Men who don’t try to suppress you due to gender, but encourage you to rise up.

Men like this exist, and I think as a group of strong, independent, confident women, we need to take that into consideration.

I don’t think Galentine’s Day should be exclusively for single women, trashing men and feeling sorry we haven’t found the “right” guy to be with. Heck, some girls who attended the party last night are dating amazing guys.

Galentine’s Day is about celebrating the women, single or not, who have loved you, molded you, and inspired you to be the person you are today. Whether you’ve known them your whole life, or just met them in a new class, celebrate who you surround yourself with. Take time to notice how strong and capable the ladies in your life are.

So, when you get together to throw a Galentine’s party (which I highly recommend), eat some cookies, listen to the Spice Girls, watch Legally Blonde, and drink pink champagne. Notice how #blessed you are to be able to celebrate and live life with strong, inspiring women. That’s what Galentine’s is all about.

P.S. Enjoy some of these party details from our Galentine’s last night. We were able to decorate the place in under $20 (thank you, local Family Dollar).

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