Do’s and Do Not’s of Halloween in College

Halloween is among us once again, and if you’re anything like me, you’re mega excited to binge eat Kit Kats and Reeses. Halloween evolves for us over the years. When you’re young, trick-or-treating is all the rage; meeting up with friends, going door-to-door in your neighborhood while your parents trek behind the gang, sorting out bags of candy after trick-or-treating for about 30 minutes, trading the candy you don’t like for ones that you do, getting a stomach ache because you ate waaaay to much candy for your little nug of a stomach.

But when you get to college, things change. Neighbors aren’t as willing to give you candy. Costumes become harder to choose. (Should I go for the funny cool costume or sexy cool costume?) In case you’re looking for some tips on how to tackle this October holiday (or just want to laugh because you have also experienced these), then read ahead for a list of Halloween Do’s and Do Not’s.

DO: Brainstorm fun costume ideas with friends.

DO: Choose a friend and/or friend group to conquer “halloweekend” with.

DON’T: Choose too many people to match costumes with (it’s hard to find a decent 10 person matching costume).

DO: Choose a costume that is comfortable and that you’re excited to wear.

DO: Take lots of cute pics in your costume.

DON’T: Tell your bff who is taking the pictures of you that all of the pictures are terrible.

DO: Hang with a chill group of friends, drink yummy cocktails, listen to good music, and play a trivia game about each person. (The trivia game sounds lame, but this game came out of nowhere, and was actually super fun to play. Each person gets a turn and they ask questions about themselves and you see who can answer first.)

DO: Go to a fun party with your friends where everyone is dressed in cool costumes.

DON’T: Go to an overly crowded bar with a million college kids all pushing and shoving to get in while the bouncer yells, cusses, and pushes the crowd, and you wait 30 minutes in that crowd of sweaty college kids dressed in costumes to get into that mediocre bar.

DO: Dance and have lots of fun with your friends.

DON’T: Wear heels to that dance bar. Do you look cute? Yes. Are you comfortable? No. Honestly, sneakers are the way to go.

DO: Reminisce of both the good and bad experiences of Halloween with your friends, and start brainstorming plans for next year.


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