The Time I Met Liam Hemsworth

Guys…. I have no chill. This just happened an hour ago. My parents are in town visiting, and we were out to dinner in downtown Savannah. Word on the street was Liam is here in Sav filming a new movie. Never did I think I would actually run into him.

My parents and I sat down at a little 3 person table, split from another little table less than a foot away from ours. We ordered some cocktails and an appetizer, going about our dinner, casually talking about our weekend plans, when a tall, attractive guy scooches by me to get to the other table.

“Dang, he’s cute”, was my first thought, not thinking he was anyone other than another cute guy.

He sat down with two other guys, not nearly as cute (sorry, boys, but you’re sitting with Liam Hemsworth). As soon as he sat down across from me, I noticed he looked super familiar. Then I realized, THAT’S LIAM F*CKING HEMSWORTH! My heart starts beating out of my chest.

Frick. What do I do? Do I make a scene? Do I start talking about it to my very clueless and unaware parents?

I lean over to my mom, and whisper in her ear, “That’s Liam Hemsworth…”

She looks around the room, not realizing how close he was sitting.

“No, mom, like literally right next to us. DON’T MAKE IT OBVIOUS.”

She then looks at him and then looks at me with a smiling face. My dad, on the other side of the table, still has no idea what we’re talking about.

“Why are you guys telling secrets?” he asks loudly.

“Dad,” I lean in, “Liam Hemsworth is sitting next to us.”

My Dad looks unfazed, still looking at me. I lean back in. “Miley Cyrus’ fiance. (Side note: My parents are huge fans of The Voice, and therefore lovers of Miley Cyrus.)

“Oooo, sweet! You think she’s coming too?”

Geez, Dad, be grateful for the celebrity we have in our presence already.

So this is what happens. My family and I try to act as naturally as possible (you know, as naturally as you can be with a gorgeous celebrity sitting next to you). I didn’t want to be one of those fan girls, how annoying and overplayed. I always imagined what I would be/act like in the midst of a celebrity, and I wanted to be cool and collected. So that’s what I went with. I didn’t stare, I casually glanced. I went on normally with dinner, maybe talking a little louder for the off chance that Liam would hear and be like, omg, that girl’s cool and funny and I want to hang out with her.

About halfway through our dinner, some girl walks up, braided hair, braces, obviously a teenager. Well of course she was going to ask Liam for a picture. WRONG. She looks at me, and says, “I just wanted to tell you that you have really pretty hair”, and then sits back down.

Excuse me, what? I’m at a table next to Liam Hemsworth and you came up to me, a Savannah local, to tell me I had pretty hair? Sorry Liam, guess I’m the more popular one in this restaurant.

Anyway, about an hour passes in the presence of Liam. My heart rate never goes back down. I knew they were gonna leave soon, and so were we. I wanted a picture so bad. Who would believe me if I didn’t have a pic to prove it? I was debating whether to be a “fan girl” and ask for a picture, because I really wanted one, but I didn’t want to be lame.

I wait until the moment he stands up to leave, and I get up and say, “hey, Liam, would you mind getting a pic with me?”

“Of course!” he says with a beautiful smile that literally melts your heart.

We walk out to the patio area, and he gets close for a picture. My mom takes a picture, and then insists we get a selfie as well. So we did. And then he thanked me. And then I said I was also a fan of Miley and that she was my home girl. He laughed as we walked back in the restaurant together.

“That’s awesome! I’ll definitely tell her you said that.”

“Well, I hope you have a good night.”

“You too! See you later.”


All in all, it was a crazy/exhilarating/amazing night out to dinner with the parents.

Inside info from what I picked up being around Liam:

  1. He’s filming a movie in Savannah. He was discussing scenes with his producers (I assume they were producers). I have no idea what the movie is about.
  2. He’s married. He wore a wedding band on his left finger. Secret wedding with Miley? Why wasn’t I invited?
  3. He texts in his lap just like any other twenty-something guy.
  4. He’s really kind when you approach him. Not a diva from what I picked up.
  5. His accent is amazingly charming.
  6. He’s just as cute in person.

10/10, would highly recommend meeting Liam Hemsworth.

*pics or it didn’t happen*

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