Home Is Where the Decor Is

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I find people’s living space so interesting. It is a reflection of their personality, of their values, their life. I loved decorating my room, because it allowed me to create a safe, mega-inspiring space to spend my hours in.

The aesthetic of my room is white & lush. I decided to go with a white quilt as my bedspread ($25 on Amazon), as opposed to a comforter. Your bed is the focal point of your room, and the colors on your bed will set the tone for the rest of the room, which is why I went with white. Another great thing about having a white bed cover, is it lightens up the room immensely. Before I re-designed my room, I had a dark grey comforter, and it made my room appear darker than it was. I love the light and airiness the white brings to my room! (Plus the flower design on the quilt goes along with lush flowery theme, so that’s a plus.)

I absolutely love my gallery wall behind my bed. The wall is centered around a white “R”, enclosed by lush greenery, and surrounded with framed pictures of some of my work, along with pictures of friends. My mom and I picked up the wooden “R” at Marshalls about a year or so back, and I hadn’t found a place to put it (until now!) The greenery was bought at Michaels for around $7 (praise for their constant discounts).

Below the lush “R” is one of my favorite pieces on the wall. Framed by a gold frame I bought at Goodwill for 99 cents, this word art goes perfectly with the theme of my room, and I love reading it everyday. It acts as encouragement everyday before I go out, reminding me that whatever is going on, I’ve got it. I found this piece in a quirky, little store called Parker and Otis while shopping with my sis-in-law in Durham over the summer. The store was full of fun word prints, lots of knick-knacks, and a cafe. I love the memory of shopping and spending the day with my sis, and I love that I found this piece before I even knew the theme of my room, or what my newly decorated room would look like. Now whenever I look at it, it’s not only encouragement, but a happy memory.

Above the gallery hangs round, strung lights from Target, which are great for when I lounge in my room at night and don’t need my main light on. I love looking at this wall every time I come into my room.

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Another thing I love about my room is that everything has a story, or a meaning.

First off, I always have fresh flowers in my room. Looking at fresh flowers gives me the relaxation I need throughout the week, taking in their simplistic beauty. The flowers you see in the photo were only $6 at my local grocery store, definitely worth it.

Next to my flowers, I have my mannequin. Originally used for constructing garments while I took fashion design classes, now it is a lovely accessory to my room. I can hang necklaces, bags, and belts for display and storage. I like having her around.

My fun little nug pot is a newly added detail I adore. Honestly, I bought that pot today, at one of my favorite stores, Urban Poppy. It’s a local Savannah boutique that specializes in all things floral, decor, and scents you will absolutely swoon over. Their store is filled with fun home accessories, perfumes, candles, stationery, and plants. I plan on filling my zany lady pot with a succulent sometime soon.

My shelves are resident to my favorite magazines, inspiring books, pretty stationary, and greenery from Urban Poppy (complimentary with my purchase of my zany lady pot). I love that my white shelves compliment my white fireplace and bedding.

On my fireplace mantel, I have my flowers (duh), my favorite perfumes (currently Amber by Ralph Lauren and Dandelion by Elizabeth W), along with framed pictures of friends and family (and a framed picture of my dog from back home; shout out to Annie for being the best, most awkward dog in the world). Another object that sits on my mantel is a french, lavender bar of soap. My good friend Haley lived in the South of France during the summer, and brought that bar of soap back for me. It was made and crafted in France, and permeates with the smell of fresh lavender. I love having it there to look at and smell.

Having a space that you feel comfortable in, that you love being in, is so important. Your room should be your safe haven. I spend hours in my room because I genuinely enjoy being in here (as I write from my bed). A lot of the time, especially in college, your room acts as more than just a place of rest, it acts as your studio, your office, your living room, and your dining room (sometimes, when you want to eat in your bed while watching Netflix… no shame at all.)

Make sure you give your room the time and attention it (and you) deserves. It’s where you probably spend the most time, it should bring you joy every time you walk in. It should inspire you. It should ooze positive vibes. I am an advocate that a well-decorated room can inspire and motivate you every day, I know mine does.

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P.S. I took this picture from my iPhone right before I wrote this post by taking a video and screenshotting… enjoy 🙂


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