Say Hello to Anna B

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Meet Anna Brettschneider, a twenty-one-year-old textile designer, whose focus is textile design for interior spaces. Known for her pom-pom earrings, bright lipstick, fun wardrobe and contagious laugh, this Savannah College of Art and Design senior sat down with me and talked about her most recent collection, and evolving project centered around the word “spirited”.


Zany Lady: Tell us a little bit about how you came up with the concept for this piece.

Anna Brettschneider: I was reviewing some of my inspiration images, trying to find a common theme, and it seemed that the common theme was “fun”. I thought to myself, “how can I make this more sophisticated?”, and I was thinking of words to make the concept, and I came up with “spirited”, which I am portraying more as a personality than a theme. Basically, it’s abstracting simple moments with an energetic manner. So I’m looking at these images that I found inspiring, and images that I took, and seeing how I can break down the forms and the color to see how the shapes can interact. I’m using collage and different drawing materials to execute this, and seeing these collages turn into repeat patterns, intended for interior textiles.

ZL: What are you hoping to achieve through this piece?

AB: I’m hoping to bring fun and energy to the homes of others in unexpected places, but also on items and things that we use everyday.

ZL: What kind of items?

AB: Any textile you can think of: wallpaper for statement walls, bedding, bath, upholstery fabric. I’m also interested in looking at surface design, and thinking about paper goods, and things like phone covers, notebooks, and anything that you can apply print to.

ZL: How will this collection evolve throughout the year?

AB: I think I will start using different materials maybe, and broaden my concept a little bit, and thinking of other ways to portray this theme with collage in different forms. I’m looking to see the form go on the fabrics and wallpaper.

Anna will continue working on this project throughout the year, evolving and growing with the piece until it becomes directly related to her industry (aka a print pattern for interior spaces).

To see more of Anna’s work, visit her website, and check out her instagram, @hello_anna_b for some fab shots!

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